Elementor #395

Torque Brooms 

“…a curved broom handle that for instance presses upon the floor drawing dust together more thoroughly and remarkably lightens the labour of sweeping” (Burstein 195). 

Loy’s torque broom was envisioned as a handy device aimed to make life easier for the modern, working woman. The broom itself functioned on the torque principle–the idea that a curvature always inclines towards closing a circle, thereby drawing the dust in. 

The chief function of the torque broom was to reduce labor. Loy describes the broom as useful towards conducting a range of different household tasks, including “house cleaning, yard cleaning, stair sweeping…” (Ibid.) She even details the ways in the broom might be used towards different cleaning functions–for instance, when sweeping the handle is to be held with the curve in a convex posture, but to clean under furniture, one should apply the broom in reverse. The latter method is outlined as such with the intention of reducing extra strain on the body, as the distance between the furniture and the floor is far shorter. Similarly, she explains that the pan of the dustpan is easily lifted, so that there is no hunching to the dustpan necessary, rather, things can easily be sweeped away into the pan itself. Loy saw the torque broom is further applicable to a range of purposes, such as “paint brushes for walls, for Brushes and wipers for cleaning walls” (Burstein 195). 

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