Mina Loy in top hat c. 1920
Portrait of Loy. Image Source: Poeticous.com
“The hats Loy designed in the 1920’s “were very like her lamp shades; or perhaps it was the lamp shades that were like hats.”
                                                                                                            Jessica Burstein, Cold Modernism, 190.

Quite the fashion icon, Loy clearly understood how to tie her visual art together with her clothing designs. “At once enacting and disclaiming replication”, Loy’s hats, lampshades, and even dresses often took on similar characteristics, blurring the lines between objects (Burstein 190).

Although not shy to repurpose her own designs, Loy often stressed over the threat of others plagiarizing her work. This led her to copyright her lampshades and other products in the early 40’s (Burstein 191).