Mappemonde (World Map)


Be a Globetrotter and buy this exquisite hand-made lampshade that was featured as a Christmas contest prize in a February 1928 edition of Art et Industrie.







– An antique map transferred onto a glass orb with a light bulb interior.

– One of Mina Loy’s most popular lampshades.

-Made during the winter of 1927-28 at the height of Loy’s lampshade success.

– Be sure to buy one of Loy’s most popular lampshade designs that a 1928 edition of Art et Industire describes as “an illuminating world map with very soft tones” (Burke 343).

-Yours for the price of $1,370 (2,000 francs in 1928).

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  1. Annie Maisel

    What a lovely lampshade! Though I think it’s a bit pricy, I’m happy to have one of Loy’s most popular shades. Great find!

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