This collaborative research project on Mina Loy seeks to shed light on her many entrepreneurial and creative pursuits beyond writing. We join Jessica Burstein in attempting to cast Loy “not just as a poet, but something more as an entrepreneur whose work included word as well as objects, like lampshades and fashion accessories” (Burstein, 6). Taking our point of departure from Loy’s lampshade shop in Paris in the 1920’s, we examine various facets to Loy’s creativity: its root in financial insecurity, emphasis on functionality and interest in domestica, to name a few.

In the spirit of these dense, interconnected themes--and Loy’s own style--this site is designed with a pictorial focus; each picture resembles a unique “postcard” linking to further explanation. This collage style allows users to take ownership of their experience, charting their own path on the site as they move between “postcards” . This site has been compiled by undergraduate at Davidson College, enrolled in the seminar  “ENG 486: Navigating the Avant Garde-Mina Loy and her Network”, taught by Suzanne Churchill in the Fall of 2018.



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